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Luz Ambiance Inc. is a Quebec enterprise founded in 2006. Its main sector of business is corporate events; specializing in the visibility of sponsors and corporations through the conceptualization and commercialization of illuminated centerpieces.

LuzAmbiance centerpieces showcase the logos of event sponsors as well as any other visuals on its illuminated surface. Besides being a key business tool, the centerpieces also serve as a themed decorative accessory creating a pleasant ambiance due to its warm light.

Visibility, decor and ambiance: three important elements in one product. 


Whether at congress events, golf tournaments, charity galas, awards ceremonies or prom night, LuzAmbiance offers visibility to business Canada wide by displaying their illuminated logo on each table throughout the whole event. No other mention of sponsors can match

that kind of visibility.

To simplify coordination, the centerpieces are remote controlled to allow for simultaneous illumination of each one before the beginning of each event.

LuzAmbiance is an ecofriendly enterprise and all of its products are created in Quebec from modified and recycled materials.